DIY deodorant

I have been using a crystal deodorant┬ástone (Swedish) for the past year or so. I am not a 100% happy with it because it lets through sweat odor a little too often. It is quite annoying since I don’t really want to walk around smelling of sweat. So I have been on the look out …

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Challenge: 10 item wardrobe

Last month I started with an easy challenge of taking photos of my plastic┬ájust so that I could actually see how much plastic we were throwing away. This month I found a challenge that is a bit harder but will be very interesting to try: wearing 10 items of clothing for the next two weeks. …

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Everyone needs to hear this

I have been thinking about society and the hamster wheel a lot lately and I saw this video by Jay Shetty that really summarized what has been going through my mind.  

Our first financial update

Frugality and working towards financial independence (FI) are key players in our big picture Homestead plan. That’s why we keep track of our spending every month and work towards having a high savings rate (read more about our budget here). Many financial independence bloggers post a monthly update of their expenses and savings so I …

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