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I (Ms. LIL) am a 26 year old living in Stockholm, Sweden with my partner in crime Mr. LIL and our dog the LIL wolf. I started this blog because I have during a long period of time wanted to kick my efforts to minimize my negative impact on the planet up a notch but have again and again failed to take action. I have studied environmental science and have indepth knowledge about the many different ways that us humans aren’t living sustainably on this planet (check out my page WHY Low Impact Life for more info). But even knowing all of this I was still stuck in my comfortable habits and having a hard time to break them (feeling paralyzed and wanting to stick my head in the sand was a characteristic of this time). The blog was my way of giving myself a hard kick in the butt. If I was going to change I would be doing lots of research (a hobby of mine) and thought that by starting the blog and writing about my transformation I could both help and inspire others and at the same time hold myself accountable to actually DO all of the things I was going to write about. I would have no other choice than to walk the walk. I have been blogging since May 2016 and it worked! Here are some things that I changed:

  • got rid of most of my cosmetics and hygiene products and use natural products as much as I can (bathroom & cleaning)
  • went through my closet probably a dozen times and letting go of most of my clothes and I don’t miss any of them (things & clothes)
  • got rid of most of my plastic things and replaced them with wood, metal and glass
  • eat organic food for the most part
  • bike as often as I can (tips for biking in all weather here)
  • working towards zero waste
  • I am currently on a one year challenge to buy nothing new

Low Impact Life (more on the principles here and you can also check out my Low Impact Life Guide). It was always important to me to also live a happy and content life which is why I write a fair amount about mental and physical health and vitality (find more on this under the I Shape Me page).

The past couple of months frugality and saving money to be able to make choices in life that aren’t dependent on money has been a big area for me. It ties nicely into my other two areas of interest. Having so many different parts to work on at the same time I needed to really think about what made me happy and therefor this year I am focusing on how to bring the aspects of frugality, vitality and leisure together in my own Happiness Project. I am challenging myself to find new habits and activities that are frugal, low impact, healthy, fun and social. Not always easy but I’m trying to get myself to think outside the box.

So this was a short introduction to my thoughts and what I am writing about here on the blog. Hope that you enjoy it!

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  1. Fortsatt all Lycka till med Dina värv !

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