Four years with Mr LIL

Me and Mr LIL have been together for 4 years today and in a little more than 8 months I will be his wife. The word feels very strange (are we that old? 😉 ) but the meaning, that we want to promise to be with each other until death do us part, feels like the …

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Optimizing your brain

Me and Mr LIL where at a really interesting seminar about optimizing your brain on Wednesday. It was held by Jonas Berqvist who works with function medicine and is one of the big advocates of the paleo diet in Sweden and Mattias Ribbing who has studied how to optimize the brains fuction through working on …

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Gullunge nature reserve

The first sprinkling of snow has come to Sweden so of course we wanted to get out and enjoy it. It is so beautiful! Me and Mr LIL packed some lunch and coffee and took the LIL wolf to Gullunge nature reserve to take a hike. We also did some scouting on the way there …

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