Cleansing water


Water is as essential to life as oxygen. In the body water is used for transporting nutrients to our cells and transporting waste material from them. To refill our body’s water content we need to drink pure water meaning H2O, hydrogen and oxygen. Water and water quailty is something we take for granted in Sweden. We  assume that the water coming out of our taps is clean water. Unfortunately that is not the case. Our tap water is more like a chemical slurry containing everything from pesticides, pharmaceuticals, soap residue, metals, arsenic, sulfuric acid, hormones and chlorine to inorganic minerals like iron, copper, gypsum, lime and magnesium. But minerals should be good for you right? Unfortunately these are inorganic not organic meaning our bodies can’t break them down. It’s plants that use inorganic minerals and convert them into organic minerals that we can use.

Me and John are now filtering our water at home through active coal to cleanse it in the water jug. For my birthday John got me a water bottle with a filter so I can filter water at work too.

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