Eating for a Healthy Life

I have read a lot of different diet guidelines over the past two years. It all started with watching a TED talk about biohacking from Dave Asprey which got me into his diet philosophy Bulletproof which is where I started when shifting my diet. It is still the one I follow mostly today. Others that I like are 4-hour body (both diet and exercise), Food Pharmacy (healthy gut bacteria) and Paleo (eating more like hunter and gatheres). They all have the same basic principles and overlap nicely.

Changing my diet is by far the biggest shift in my life. I’ve gone from a high carb low protein vegetarian diet to a low carb and high fat diet with some organic meat and the changes are incredible. I have more energy, I lost all of the “stubborn” fat around my body that no amount of exercise could shift, I’m rarely sick compared to being sick for 6 months straight, I’m not dependent on food, I am feeling GREAT!

I would urge you to try for three weeks and see how you feel. Get a new “normal” to refer to. It’s changed my life for the better or rather for the awesome! These are the main points that I’ve taken from the diet philosophies and have incorporated in my life:

1. Humans have lived as hunters and gatherers for millions of years compared to the last 5-10 000 years that we have eaten carbohydrates. We have only eaten white flour and sugar for the past 200 years. Our body can’t possibly have adapted to the diet that we have now which is pretty much based on carbs.

2. That’s why sugar, sweetners and almost all forms of carbs should be avoided since they lead to fat storage, general ill health and illness. Gluten is bad for your gut flora and leads to cronic inflammation (which is bad!) so avoid all grains and their products like pasta, bread and cereal. Also stay away from corn and high fructose corn syrup which is added to many products since it’s a cheap sweetner that is extremely unhealthy.

3. Fat is your new best friend and is essential for your body to be healthy. Most of your energy should come from fat not carbs.

4. Don’t count calories! One calorie doesn’t equal another. It’s quality not quantity that matters.

5. Fruit and vegetables are NOT the same thing. Fruit should be limited due to the high content of sugar in fruit. Especially juice should be avoided since it’s just the sugar that you’re drinking. And since there are a lot more fruits in juice than you would ever eat whole you are getting a much larger amount. Vegetables on the other hand can be eaten without limits.

6. Dairy is a very intreresting product when you think about it. It is used to grow baby calves to huge cows. No other animals drink the breast milk from another species. In short it’s not for humans. Butter is an exception since it’s almost purely fat while it is the milk protein that seems to lead to negative effects.

7. To try to avoid sugar that is added to most products you need to start making food from scratch and avoid processed food.

8. Fasting is good for you so skipping breakfast or starting your day with Bulletbroof Coffee (coffee with butter and cocnut oil in) is what I do.

9. Choose organic ingredients to minimize toxins and increase the quality of your food.

10. Be restrictive with beans and stay away from soy products which are very processed (protein bars and protein powder with soy, soy milk, soy ice cream, vegetarian substitutes with soy).

11. Alcohol is hard since it contains a lot of sugar (I’m not going into the fact that it’s toxic). I try to keep to dry white wines and bubbly and keep away from beer and sugary drinks.

12. The most important thing is that: if you cheat or treat yourself now and then it’s not a huge deal. You haven’t “fallen off the wagon” and can give everything up. If you get a flat tire you don’t proceed to slash all the other tires. If you keep to these guidelines 90% of the time it’s probably a huge improvement compared to what you ate before. Treat yourself and make sure you enjoy it since it happens so infrequently. Don’t forget to live!

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