Färnebofjärdens national park

I had planned a surprise for Mr LIL on our one year anniversary which was going over a weekend to Färnebofjärdens national park. There are 30 national parks in Sweden and we agreed that having an ambition to visit all 30 during our life would be a great way to explore Swedens beautiful nature. This national park was about 1,5h drive from Stockholm which was why I picked it for our first trip.

This national park has lots of water and wetlands and is therefore known as the mosquito hell on earth. We visited quite late in the summer which is a recommendation if you want to go there during summer time and there had been a week of really hot weather just before we arrived so we were lucky to not be bothered by mosquitoes at all. We started off at the entrance to the national park and checked out an old mill.

We then did one of the hikes close by which was 4km that followed the river and then cut back through old forest.

We rented a cottage through Airbnb just outside the national park on a little sandy peninsula. It was so beautiful with the lake and the long beaches. We had a wonderful view from the cottage that had an glas house attached to the front of the house that we spent most our time in when we were there. On the first day it was still quite warm in the air so we went swimming from the beach outside the house. It was very shallow so we had to wade out quite a while before it was deep enough to dip down. That evening we also witnessed a beautiful sunset.

The next morning we went on another hike in a different part of the national park and climbed a lookout tower.

In the afternoon we drove around the national park to get to the other side for another hike along a river this time.

In the evening we took a walk around the peninsula we lived on.

The last morning we stopped at Ingbo spring where the water in the pools were crystal clear before heading home.

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