Goal: buying nothing new

Around August/September each year I go through the goals I set the past year and also set new goals for the coming year. It’s part of the Golden Year concept that I have written about here (Swedish). This will be my fourth year that I do this. It’s fun to be able to go back to previous years and see what my goals where then. The big thing during the first year was getting my degree, the second year was getting a job, working on myself and starting this blog. Last years big goal was to buy an amazing apartment. Check! What I didn’t know when I was setting the goals for last year was that I was going to get to check off a life goal: buy a dog 🙂

This coming year I feel like it is more of a management year than an accomplish big things year. Me and John have a great and fully furnished apartment, a dog, a car, a summer house, jobs and each other. So this year will be more focused on enjoying what we have and maintaining the good habits that I’ve started previous years.

The big goal that I have decided on this year is to not buy any more new things (not including food and stuff for my health and hygiene when needed). Since we’ve moved into our apartment we have had to buy quite a lot of things that we actually needed. Now that the apartment is finished I want to challenge myself and see if I can go a whole year and not buy stuff. Currently I don’t buy a huge amount of stuff but this is taking it to the next level and it is going to be really hard. That’s why I’m writing this post so that I can be held accountable and that I will feel really bad if I don’t make it. I’m letting myself buy things I REALLY need second hand but if I can’t find them then tough luck. I started on september 12th so I’ve managed to get through 1 out of 52 weeks already! Wish me luck!

This is part of another goal which is to save money. I’ve been reading Mr Money Mustache blog and really become inspired. I will write more about finacial sustainability in a seperate post.

Another goal is to embrace and really move towards ReWilding. This I will also dedicate a full post to soon.

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