Hiking in Funäsdalen

I have forgotten to post about our hiking holiday in Funäsdalen other than that we got engaged! We chose Funäsdalen because it has many different hikes that you can walk in one day. We stayed in a the same cabin for the whole week and from there we drove to starting points for different hikes in the area each day. The hikes we took were between 7-18km. The LIL wolf was so good and much more persistant than we could have hoped for (since we had barely walked her at all for the whole spring/summer because it was too hot). We had her in a harness with a leash that was attached to Mr LILs waist so that he had his hands free.

Since it had been so hot and so many forest fires in the area we were a bit nervous about how the trip was going to pan out because if it had been too hot the LIL wolf wouldn’t have been able to walk as much but we had great sunny but cool weather and no fires in the area. We also got lucky with the total abscence of mosquitoes because the hot weather had killed them all. So here are some photos from the amazing views we got to experience!


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