Free time resolutions

During December my focus will be on what I do with my free time as part of my happiness project.  This month I want to actively decide what to do with my precious free time and not just let it waste away without me knowing where it went. Many people feel like they don’t have any or way to little free time. So first of all I want to figure out how much time for leisure do I theoretically have during a normal week?

A week has 168 hours:

  • work around 45 hours – 123 h left
  • travel to and from work ca 3 hours – 120 h left
  • sleep around 7 hours per night – 71 h left
  • cook and eat food 90 min/day – 61 h left
  • wash, clean and food shopping 4 hours – 57 h left
  • hygiene and getting ready for work/bed – 54 h left
  • exercise 1 hour – 53 h left
  • walk LIL wolf (exluding weekend walks) 2 hours – 51 h left

What is left is more than two full days of time, it is 10h more than the standard work week to just spend on things that I choose and want to do every week. When you write it out like that it is actually quite a lot of time. So where does all this time go? The next step is to try to track and analyze how much time I spend on different areas and then figure out what I actually want to spend my time on. Then I can start adjusting my time to make sure I fit in all the activities I want to do most. Since I have 5 weeks off before I start my new job I know that this won’t be a typical month but that I instead have the luxury of really focusing on this area without having work getting in the way. This will hopefully mean that I have managed to find the key activities that I want to spend my limited time on when I start working again.

Below I have listed the important categories in my life that I want to spend my time on. To spend time on and develop each these areas so that I make the most of them will be my resolutions for December:

  • Mr LIL
  • LIL wolf
  • Family
  • Friends
  • New connections
  • Blog
  • Own interest

It is of course important to develop these areas in line with my other resolutions of frugality and vitality. This month I will therefore spend time finding new ways to connect with people and work on my interests that combine all of the areas.

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