My love for the outdoors

Today the weather was amazing so we got up, had breakfast and then took a long walk in the snow with the LIL wolf. She was so happy and bouncing around in the deep snow and since she is a Swedish breed she’s adapted to the snow so it doesn’t stick to her coat.

Me and Mr LIL talked about that both of us had been outside a lot as children, Mr LIL at his summer place in the archipelago and me on our sailing boat. Plus all of the time playing outside during and after school. When we got older and started to decide over our free time (instead of our parents doing it) time outdoors decreased drastically. Obviously getting older meant not going outside to play at break time and instead being indoors all day at school and then coming home and doing homework/studying for tests, watching TV or doing something on the computer.  Even spending time with friends was almost always indoors at peoples homes, cafés, restaurants, cinemas, gyms or sports facilities, bars or night clubs. The only time that you spend any time outdoors with friends is when it is really nice weather during the summer (which in Sweden isn’t that many days a year…). So for a long time the absolute majority of our time was spent indoors. I almost forgot what a huge role being outdoors plays in my life.

Thankfully I have started to find my way back. Mr LIL has played a role in this since we both love the outdoors and can amplify this passion in eachother. But the most dramatic shift has happened since the LIL wolf entered the stage. She is a true blessing and has helped me to rediscover and understand that my whole being CRAVES being outside by “forcing” us to go outside in all weather whether we want to or not. I have also gotten back into the mode of not minding “bad weather” as long as I am dressed for it (therefore I own rain boots, warm gloves, proper rain and winter jackets, rain and ski pants, base layers, fleeces and so on). Being brought up on a sailing boat helps to make you used to the fact that “there isn’t any bad weather just bad clothes” (a Swedish saying that my dad is very fond of).

All of this really sunk in during our walk today. How being outside made me feel. The fresh air in my lungs, the slight warmth of the sun on my face, the calmness and beauty of the white landscape, the joy of watching the LIL wolf running in the snow and also getting to share the moment with Mr LIL. I was utterly content with life. I am so grateful and looking forward to taking hundreds of more walks with Mr LIL and the LIL wolf in the future.

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