My version of the Happiness Project

I decided not to do a happiness project in the exact same way as outlined in the Happiness Project book (more on that here). It didn’t feel quite right and I couldn’t think of 12 areas so I decided to do it my own way. This year is more of a maintenance year since all the infrastructure of my life is set (apartment, job, car, dog, summer house) so now I have to set up the routines and ways that I will use my infrastructure and my time. I decided on three themes that I will work on during the year:

  • Frugality: October, January, April, July
  • Vitality: November, February, May, August
  • Relationships: December, March, June, September

For each theme I’ll set some resolutions that I can track. Revisiting the themes means that I can grow in each area by working out what works and what doesn’t and set new resolutions. It will lead me to have to work out ways to maintain or evolve in the different areas so that I hopefully will have robust routines that will stick after the year is up. 

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