Vitality resolutions

After I started thinking about November’s theme vitality I realized that some of my themes for the happiness project go together so I’ve decided on a new structure of three themes: frugality, vitality and something like “free time” where relationships are included. So November will be focused on routines for my own health and wellbeing and then December is more what I spend my time on.

We, all humans, are animals and as the definition above animals are either wild or tamed or domesticated. As I wrote in my post ReWild yourself human societies are becoming more and more like factory farms cut off from the understanding of the natural world. Since very few humans can survive in the wilderness we as a species are moving towards ever higher levels of domestication and dependence. We are supposed to give maximal output (labour and taxes) with minimium input (or thought of health, happiness or longevity). A path that I want deviate from. So this month I’m going to work towards figuring out how to fulfill my inner animals needs both physical and mental.

To do this I have settled on seven resolutions for November:

  • be outside more. In every way that I can. The LIL wolf helps with that.
  • eat a biologically appropriate diet. Keep eating the way I do (post on the subject here)
  • keep a nightly routine. getting to bed on time, dimming the lights, no screens and so on.
  • build strength. I have just started to exercise again so I need to keep this up.
  • meditate and breathe. I have tried to start to meditate a couple of times but now I’m going to do it every day for this month. I also want to start conscious breathing.
  • think positive and practice gratitude. Acting the way you want to feel is a very powerful tool along with appreciation of all the good in your life.
  • hydration. I’m going to make sure that I drink lots of water every morning (with lemon and Himalaya salt).

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