Optimizing my health part 2: exercise

I’ve gotten really inspired to optimize my health long term these past couple of weeks. During November I have been preparing, testing and figuring out what healthy routines to add to my life. From December I have a year long challenge to get to a place of optimal health and having healthy routines in place. The building blocks of my healthy life is diet, exercise, sleep and miscellaneous and I thought I would share what I do within each area with you. This is not really a health blog so I will leave others that are more knowledgeable than me to explain the science (non of the links are advertising). My over all goal is to live in tune with the animal that I am and feel energized, strong and healthy. I have some issues with my micro biome in my gut so I’m working on healing that too.

I have started up the routine of going to the gym at least once a week to lift weights during November. This is not a new habit at all since I have been going to the gym on and off for the past eight years. The last couple of monthsI’ve been going to the gym sporadically so now I need to form a routine I will stick to. I just need to stick to. That’s why I haven’t tried to go all in but set the goal low. Once a week. I follow a program based on the big 5 (Swedish): squats, barbell row, bench press, deadlift and overhead press that are divided into two sessions and I do one session per week. I throw in some kettlebell swings as warm up and sit ups and plank for my abs. These are the five natural movements that give you a full body exercise. It takes about 30 min per session and then another 10 min for stretching so a total of 40 min. I like that it is a fairly short routine so I don’t have to be at the gym for hours.

To get myself motivated to get out the door I have a board on Pinterest with inspiring qoutes, pictures of strong bodies that look like what I want to achieve and also pictures of skiing (nothing motivates me more that having the strength to be able to ski a whole day! Only 3 months left!). I break it up so that I put on my clothes first, then look at the board to get pumped up, then collect my things, put my shoes on and then listen to good music on the way to the gym (it takes 5 min to walk). When I’m there I never have a problem exercising it’s just getting my butt out the door. So creating this routine and repeating it every week will hopefully get me to stick to it.

What is a completely new routine is yoga! I have started Adrienes 30 day yoga challenge on Yoga with Adriene and intend to do yoga at least two days a week. I love Adrienes mix of seriousness and sillyness. It is so nice to be able to just do 20-30 min yoga and it’s not a big deal of going to a class. It works really well for me to do it at home. I already had a yoga mat (that hasn’t been used for a long time) so it only had to be dusted off. I really enjoy it so I will go though the challenge and then continue with other videos that Adriene has on her youtube channel.

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