Optimizing my health part 3: sleep

I’ve gotten really inspired to optimize my health long term these past couple of weeks. During November I have been preparing, testing and figuring out what healthy routines to add to my life. From December I have a year long challenge to get to a place of optimal health and having healthy routines in place. The building blocks of my healthy life is diet, exercise, sleep and miscellaneous. This is not really a health blog so I will leave others that are more knowledgeable than me to explain the science (non of the links are advertising). My over all goal is to live in tune with the animal that I am and feel energized, strong and healthy. I have some issues with my micro biome in my gut so I’m working on healing that too.

The key to sleeping well lies much in light. Natural light during the day and then no blue light at night. When it comes to the bedroom absolute darkness is important. No street lights, no lights dots from electronics, no digital alarm clock, nothing that emits light. I sleep with a eye mask but also black out curtains so if the sleep mask comes off while I sleep I won’t be disturbed by light. A cool room also makes for better sleep so we usually sleep with our window open but unfounately we then have to put up with the traffic noise… It will be quieter in the new house which I am looking forward to. Another tip is sleeping naked since your body adapts to temperature changes better.

Natural light during the day!

To minimize blue light in the evenings that keeps you awake and disturbes the circadian rythm I use a night setting on my phone and F.lux for my computer which tones down blue and increases red light in the evening. This combined with dimming our lights in the evening minimize the blue light before bed time. We try to keep a fairly regular sleep schedule so there isn’t huge variations between weekdays and weekends which makes it harder for the body to find its rythm. Having a dog helps with this since we have to take her out 🙂

The sleep cycle app has changed my life! The alarm wakes you according to your sleep cycle so you feel awake when the alarm goes off and not as if you were dragged from death. Since the app requires my phone to be close to me to read my movements I turn my phone to airplane mode when I’m sleeping so I don’t get extra EMF (electric and magnetic field) radiation. Beacuse I love data I measure my sleep, temperature, activity, heart rate among other things with my Oura ring. It gives me a readiness score based on my data every day.

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