Optimizing your brain

Me and Mr LIL where at a really interesting seminar about optimizing your brain on Wednesday. It was held by Jonas Berqvist who works with function medicine and is one of the big advocates of the paleo diet in Sweden and Mattias Ribbing who has studied how to optimize the brains fuction through working on memory and learning. It is an interesting combo and as they described it, Jonas works mostly with the body’s hardware and Mattias with the software but that their fields overlap and depend on each other. Mattias finished off his segment with ten tips to optimize your energy and focus that I thought I would share with you:

  1. 2 minutes of visulization in the morning – picturing an object in your minds eye starts the creative process in your brain
  2. how to communicate and learn Рimportant to first start with the overview and then dive into the details not the other way around since you will get a much broader understanding from summaries
  3. get one important task done in the morning before you open your email inbox Рif you open your inbox first your whole day will be steered by other people and not by you
  4. use one item lists – multitasking doesn’t work instead formulate what is most important right now and write it on a postit and put it where you can see it and can remember to return to it if you get called away
  5. create a social media strategy that is compatible with your longterm goals – otherwise like email social media will always draw on your focus and energy away from what you are doing and acts like a constant distraction and time theif
  6. play/side hobby – it is important to have many identities
  7. use the pomodoro technique for your own tough tasks – 25 min focus with no distractions and then 5 min break. Repeat 4 times or “pomodoros” and then take 15 min break
  8. be bored – it is from a place of boredome that creativity springs, don’t afraid to be bored!
  9. create an end to your evening or work day with five minutes of thinking through your day – you can the let it go and don’t keep thiking about work/the day when you get home or go to bed
  10. To be fulfilled you need to engage in some form of deeper exploation of yourself

I have already started to work these tips into my life since I thought they were very useful! They have a podcast called upgrit talks if you want to dive into heir work more.

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