Our first year of growing our own vegetables part 3

Learning how to grow our own vegetables is part of our journey to become more self sustaining which is part of our homestead plan. This is our first year we are trying this out and decided to pretty much go all in. We have three approaches that I have divided up into three posts then I will of course give updates on the harvest (that we hopefully get). In this post I will be describing the process of starting a garden outside. Part 1 is about starting seeds indoors and part 2 is growing our garden outside.

We started growing lettuce and herbs indoors in December and have kept it going along with our tomatoes, chilis, bell peppers and zuchinis. To be able to grow salad and herbs in winter in Sweden we bought some plant lights and strung them up on a metal shelf. We regulate the lights with a timer so that they are on for about 12 hours a day. Since it is LED lights they don’t get warm and don’t use a lot of electricity.

Mr LIL bought me the two green houses in the picture to the right as a birthday present. We are currently on our third cycle of sowing seeds. The first harvest was great and we got to eat lots of salad and froze a lot of basil. Unfortunately the second harvest wasn’t as big as the first because the plants got attacked by the pest insect Thrips that ate the leaves so we had to throw some of the plants. We’re hoping that this batch isn’t going to get infected too. I have scrubbed all the pots and the green houses so I am hoping that the new plants will fare better.

the thrips eat the leaves

Bad news is that it has spread to my chili/bell pepper plants too so I have googled different ways to get rid of them naturally. Showering the plants every couple of days to make the habitat wet (which Thrips don’t like) seems like the easiest option so I’m going to do that and I hope that it works so that we can get some chili/bell peppers from our plants.

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