Our frugal hobby: hiking!

Me and Mr LIL discovered the joy (and hardship) of hiking the summer of 2016 when we went on a hiking trip in Jotunheimen in Norway. It was the most amazing and the hardest thing I have ever done. It was breathtakingly beautiful while at the same time pushing our bodies to the limit by climbing Norways two highest mountains in two days!

It got us totally hooked and this summer we are going hiking with the LIL wolf in Funäsdalen in July for a week (last summer she was just a puppy so it wasn’t possible to go on walks let alone hikes). It will be day trips and sleeping in a cabin because we haven’t really gotten to the wanting to camp/carrying our own stuff stage… yet! This will be a very frugal trip compared to if we had travelled abroad and lived in hotels, eating at restaurants and doing lots of activites. The cost of this trip will be the petrol to get us there, cheap lodging and then groceries (which we would have needed to buy anyways) since the actual activity hiking is free.

It’s not just a hobby in the traveling sense but also something we do every weekend thanks to the LIL wolf. This spring will be full of day trips to local nature reserves (there are many around Stockholm county – 325 to be precise). During the autumn/winter we went on a couple of 2 hour hikes but now that spring is finally coming to Sweden and the LIL wolf has turned one year we will increase the length to prepare for our summer trip and because we love being outside of course.

There was an initial investment in good outdoor clothing which I feel is worth it because I want to have great quality. This is because I want to be comfortable being outside in the extremely varying weather conditions that Sweden has to offer. I also want to be able to use my hiking clothes for a long time (thinking along the lines of the bank of great things). My setup is:

  • hiking trousers 1 pair
  • hiking shorts 1 pair
  • wool socks
  • base layer* 2 sets
  • exercise tops
  • fleece 2
  • warm hiking boots
  • summer hiking boots
  • rain trousers
  • rain jacket
  • ski jacket
  • ski pants
  • warm hats, gloves, fleece neck buff

A lot of the hiking clothes for the winter are also our ski clothes which gives them a dual purpose and since I live in Sweden I need some of the clothes (like a rain jacket) for everyday life too. Considering that I now have a full set of good clothes that will last me for many years our trips are very frugal and include petrol cost/public transport, homemade lunch/snack and coffee which fits in perfect with our philosophy of frugality and getting back to nature.

First day trip of the spring – 9km hike in 3 hours

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