September is special because of the contrasts. It can be warm summer weather one day an chilly and fresh the next.

I like that it is getting colder because although I enjoy the summer heat (to a very limited degree) I come to life when it is colder. Summer is a relaxing time but I can’t stand the heat for longer periods of time and feel like all my brain cells leave and there is no energy for anything else than lazing around. September brings the promise of creativity and energy returning. I started running again and the cool air feels amazing to breathe when on a run in the forest. The LIL wolf has gotten her energy back too and we can take long walks without me dragging her behind.

The light is so beautiful that I cant help but take lots of photos. Me and my mum are going on a photography lesson tomorrow in the national park south of Stockholm. Its going to be so fun to get a lesson in nature photography and learn to use my camera better.

September is also a time for reflection got me. I never bother with new years resolutions because I think its a dark and fairly uninspirational time in Sweden. If your going to start something new and creative January is quite a bad time to start in my book. September on the other had is perfect! The summer is officially over and every one is back at work but its still light and as I said before the cooler air brings back mental energy. So this is the time I think about new resolutions and routines for the year to come.

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