Summary February vitality

This month hasn’t really gone as planned. After I was sick I ended up getting a really bad cold so I haven’t been well enough to go to the gym at all.


I have also cheated some when it comes to my diet. I’ve been quite good at not eating gluten and lactose except for eating some semlor (a Swedish pastry thing with cream and marzipan in a bun that we eat on “fat Tuesday” which are amazing).¬†Instead the issue is that I have eaten quite a lot of gluten free carbs. I have also slipped when it comes to sugar and I’ve even eaten some candy!

To bring myself back from this I decided to go two weeks (until we go skiing) with strictly following a LCHF/ketogenic (high fat and low carbs diet and of course no gluten, dairy or sugar ). I have also been rereading and reading some books about why high fat diets are so good for you (and why gluten/dairy/sugar is bad) to get my mind back into optimizing my health.

Chicken stuffed with guacamole and wrapped in bacon with steamed broccoli and sallad

I am currently reading a book by Martina Johansson, a Swedish keto diet blogger, about sugar and food addiction. What is the hardest is that 85% of all sugar is hidden in food. So even if you try to avoid food like candy, cakes and soda you might still be eating a huge amount sugar without knowing it. And it isn’t just sugar that is the problem. High fructose corn syrup, 8 times sweeter than normal sugar and highly processed is beeing added to more and more food because it is cheaper to produce. More on the addictive and dangerous effects of sugar can be seen in the documentary That Sugar Film (can be seen on SVT Play in Sweden here).

So Februarys vitality resolutions will stretch into March so I can get a handle on my diet and exercise.

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