Swedens shifting seasons

I absolutely love the shifting seasons in Sweden. As happy as I am sitting in the sun on the first warm summer day I am equally happy walking through the snow on a winters day breathing in the clear air. The same goes for the joy of the first buds in spring and the beautiful colorful leaves in autumn. I love all the seasons in their own way and some how the seasons make the progression of time a more visual experience. What I love most about autumn is that all the colors are so beautiful and the light is very special. The air also becomes crisp and because it is getting darker it is also a very cozy season. You can eat warming soups and stew, drink tea, light candles and get wrapped up in blankets. 

I think that the climate we have here is perfect for me, not too hot in the summers and not too cold winters. If you go further north in Sweden it’s too cold although I would rather go north than south we’re the climate is too mild and rarely has snow (which I love too much to live without!). In any place with a hot climate I have a hard time if I can’t be by or in the water all the time and Mr LIL is the same. I noticed my aversion to hot weather here in Sweden this summer when it was 30-35 degrees with no rain from April until August which is unheard of. I didn’t stand being outside too long since it was so hot which meant I felt trapped inside during a season where usually I am outside all the time. We couldn’t take the LIL wolf on walks because it was too hot, even in the evenings. I couldn’t imagine living in a place where it is hot all the time. No, I much prefer the normal Swedish summer with rain/sun/clouds and around 25 degrees! And I wouldn’t switch the Swedish seasons for anything.

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