The new gym

I went to the gym today!! Hurray!! It’s been a long time since I was there (read many months…). I decided this week that I needed to set a black and white rule: exercise once a week no matter what!  So I’ve put gym sessions into my calendar once a week and now I just need to follow through. I start habits and achieve goals best when I have black and white rules and can just take the decision out of the equation. No devil on my shoulder coming with excuses and saying that I’m tried/hungry/busy.  I just do it.

My company (a building company) is building our new head office right next to the existing one so we’re in the middle of a building site and will be for the next two years. Half the office is going to be torn down (where the old gym was) so they’ve fixed a new area for the gym which is really big and nice!  It’s a luxury to have a gym at work because it’s close and free (which works well with my new found frugality). So now I’m going to start to use it again!

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