The Virgin Diet

I am reading a book called the Virgin diet by Jj Virgin. She wants to help people who think they’re eating healthy foods but still can’t lose weight or are tired, bloated and or sick in other ways. She writes about removing 7 foods that are causing food intolerance in lots of people. A food intolerance is a version of food allergy.  An allergy gives a stronger and faster reaction than an intolerance that is slower and constant. These 7 foods to avoid are:

sugar and artificial sweetners, gluten, dairy, corn, eggs, soy and peanuts.  

The first 4 and peanuts I have known about and have excluded from my diet (except when cheating sometimes).  What’s new for me is eggs and soy.  I eat a lot of eggs. Not as many as before I started fasting and had them for breakfast every day but still regularly. I hadn’t realized that a lot of people can have an intolerance to eggs.

That soy and soy protein is bad for you is news. It is added to lots of foods like protein shakes, protein bars, vegetarian meat substitutes, soy milk. I’ll write a separate post about why as Jj Virgin puts it: there is no joy in soy.

The Virgin diet is a concept that you pull these 7 foods from you diet for 21 days to give your body time to heal from the damage they’re doing. So this is what I’m going to do. Concerning sugar, gluten, dairy, peanuts and corn I’m mostly there so just no cheating for 21 days. Removing eggs and soy are going to be the harder part. I’m starting on Monday!

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