Time for nature and my wild woman

We’ve gotten the upstairs finished for now and I have taken control of my work situation and taking it easier to not burn myself out. This has made room for time to enjoy our new house and our surroundings. The past couple of days it’s been really warm and sunny weather so I have been spending a lot of time outside. It is wonderful to just be able to walk in and out of the house so easily and even when you are inside we have beautiful surroundings to look out on.

The view from our kitchen window
Our patio at the front of our house
Dinner in the evening sun in our garden behind our house

Me and the LIL wolf are taking our daily walks which also means I get to explore the forest every day. Since the weather is warm and dry I can wear my barefoot shoes which makes me feel more connected to the ground (but still offers some protection).

I have downloaded an app that can identify plants through taking pictures which is so much fun. Now I am learning the names of new plants in our area every day. I also have an app that records bird song and identifies the bird. This way of learning is so much easier than from a book or trying to remember bird song from a clip and then go out.

One of my favourite flowers grows just behind our house: Geranium robertianum (Herb-Robert)

On Monday me and the LIL wolf went swimming in the water just behind our house! There is both a jetty and a small island that you can walk out to with stony beaches where you can swim. I absolutely love swimming so having water so close is a luxury! It was quite warm so I could swim and not ust go for a dip.

All of these things, being able to be outside more around our home, learning to identify new plants, walking barefoot, being in the forest and swimming in the water makes me feel more connected to nature and my wild woman. Our surroundings now make it so much easier to just be in nature because it’s so close. I feel at peace in a way that I have been missing when I was living in an apartment.

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