I have been thinking a lot lately of how I can take Low Impact Living to the next level. We have come a long way in many aspects connected to conventional city life and sustainability (and frugality). We recycle everything, rarely buy things and mostly second hand if we do end up buying something, eat almost exclusively organic food, don’t travel that much, grow some food, reduced and replaced almost everything in our bathroom, never use single use items, actively try to minimize plastic packaging, don’t eat fish, make sure we mix meat with lots of veggies to keep our meat consumption at a lower level, never throw food away, buy green electricity and use public transport when possible. Allthough we aren’t anywhere near zero waste, do buy stuff occasionally and have a car we have acchieved a life with a much lower impact than when we started!

I am happy to say that these things have become habits and don’t take that much active thought any longer. Having accomplished my original idea of a Low Impact Life I feel like there is room for more, to go further than just creating a sustainale conventional life. As I have discovered rewilding and recently reading the book The Ascent of Humanity by Charles Eisenstein a different path towards treading lightly on this earth has opened up.

I keep coming back to two phrases: mother nature and the wild woman. I love the word wild. There is such power in the word and a sense of freedom. I want to shed some of the domestication that I have just accepted as part of life and become more wild in order to reunite with nature. This will be how I take Low Impact Life forward, not just minimizing negative impact but also to start truly appreciating that life is a gift, that we are a part of nature and that nature is our mother.

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