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We are living in a giant experiment where we are exposed to thousands of chemicals where very few have been tested at all!! It is CRAZY, I know! All chemicals are of course not dangerous. What makes me extremely worried is that we have so many completely untested chemicals in us and the environment. We have no idea about the effects they have or the cocktail effects they have when mixed. Those chemicals that have been identified as dangerous (and which usually are still used long after this) are carcinogenic, neurotoxic, allergenic and endocrine disruptors (affect fertility). Nothing I want my body to be exposed to on a daily basis… It is very hard to be up to date on which chemicals to avoid plus that you pretty much need a chemistry degree to understand the chemicals and the effects. There will always new chemicals that are found out to be dangerous so the best way is to take control over what you are putting in and on your body by making the products yourself. Then you know 100% what’s in them. A quote to follow:

If you wouldn’t eat it don’t put it on your skin   

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My post on tips for minimising chemicals in the bathroom (Swedish):

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