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Optimizing your brain

Me and Mr LIL where at a really interesting seminar about optimizing your brain on Wednesday. It was held by Jonas Berqvist who works with function medicine and is one of the big advocates of the paleo diet in Sweden and Mattias Ribbing who has studied how to optimize the brains fuction through working on …

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Gullunge nature reserve

The first sprinkling of snow has come to Sweden so of course we wanted to get out and enjoy it. It is so beautiful! Me and Mr LIL packed some lunch and coffee and took the LIL wolf to Gullunge nature reserve to take a hike. We also did some scouting on the way there …

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Nature is speaking

I came across the series of clips called Nature is Speaking by Conservation International again. Different actors do the voices of the aspects of nature like soil, water, trees and so on and they are so powerful, especially Julia Roberts as Mother Nature. The finishing lines are: Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.  

Swedens shifting seasons

I absolutely love the shifting seasons in Sweden. As happy as I am sitting in the sun on the first warm summer day I am equally happy walking through the snow on a winters day breathing in the clear air. The same goes for the joy of the first buds in spring and the beautiful colorful …

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Hiking in Funäsdalen

I have forgotten to post about our hiking holiday in Funäsdalen other than that we got engaged! We chose Funäsdalen because it has many different hikes that you can walk in one day. We stayed in a the same cabin for the whole week and from there we drove to starting points for different hikes …

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