Here at the summer place the neighbors have gone together and started a beehive this year. I got to dress up in protective clothing and get a proper look today. A bee colony is so fascinating! This hive had around 20 000 bees and they have already started to produce some honey along with many …

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Swedens first national cycling strategy

I was at the launch of Swedens first national cycling strategy in Dome of Vision today. Since I’m involved with cycling and cycling infrastructure though work I’m very glad that the importance of cycling has been raised to the national level in Sweden. The Swedish infrastructure minister Anna Johansson presented it!  

Climate Calculator

WWF has launched a new tool for finding out what your climate impact is: the Climate Calculator (Swedish). They have developed it together with SEI (Swedish Environmental Insitute) and of course I had to try it. They go through 5 different areas: Bostaden (accommodation), Biffen (food), Bilen (transport), Butiken (shopping) and Samhället (services in society ex. schools). …

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Low Impact Life Guide

I’ve finally completed the Low Impact Life Guide!!! The thought behind this 14 page guide is to gather information and tips on how to live a Low Impact Life. It focuses on the different areas that I write about in the blog: Things & Clothes, Bathroom & Cleaning, Kitchen & Food and Home & Transport. I  hope …

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Earth Hour: 25 of March

On the 25th of March it is Earth Hour at 20.30-21.30 local time. Started by WWF it’s the largest environmental manifestation where millions of people, organisations and companies all over the world turn of their lights and electricity for an hour. There are also many events in connection to this hour to support actions against climate …

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The Amazing Blocket

In Sweden Blocket is a natural part of most peoples lives. It’s a website that allows you to sell and buy second hand things all over Sweden. It’s great! I’ve used Blocket to buy and sell many things over the years for example I’ve bought my sofa table, Nike running shoes, iPad, mobile phone and sold clothes, sofa, …

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