Financial update #8

I have just got my last proper paycheck for a long time. Since we are so financially minded it feels weird but we have also been planning and saving for this time so I am not worried. It is going to be interesting to see how it is to live on one salary and I see it as a bit of a challenge to see how much we will actually need. I just read a good Swedish book on financial independence (Sparboken) which inspired me to snap back to my frugal mindset. I find that it is easy to start drifting so a book like this one has reset my focus which is great for these upcoming years where I really want to be frugal.

We have finished most of the outdoor projects which we have been saving for and after that we have a buffer saved up which is six times our monthly expenses. We will see how much we will need to tap into the buffer during this period. We also have some money set aside for travel since we have a plan of taking parental leave together and travelling in some form.

Our money making machine has been growing steadliy since the drop at the start of 2020. Although since we won’t be putting any more money into it or very small amounts from now on it will be growing at a much slower pace. We still hope to reach one of our milestones during this time when we are not saving a lot but it will depend on how the market is. At the moment we are at 11,9% of our goal.

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