January frugality

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Happy New Year from the LIL family!

January has started which means that I’m revisiting and revising my frugality resolutions. On the 8th of January I start my new job and knowing that it takes a lot of energy to experience totally new things I am probably just going to come home after work and collapse on the sofa. This is good from a frugal point of view since I won’t have any energy to do stuff after work. There are unknowns of course and there are two things that I have given myself some time to figure out which will cost me some extra money:

Lunch time: if everyone eats out I have given myself a free card to eat out until I figure out how to eat my lunch box. I don’t want to start my job missing out on lunch time with my new colleagues (I am hoping that some of them eat lunch boxes so this won’t be an issue).

Biking to work: I am going to take public transport to work until I feel comfortable with biking there. I will test bike the way this week (after I fix my bikes gears that have broken) so I can figure out the route without being stressed about getting to work on time.

Other than those two points I will keep to my resolutions of not eating out, not buying anything new, borrowing books at the library or with my giftcard for Amazon that I recieved for Christmas, biking when I can and optimizing food shopping.

We started recording all our expenses and income in August so we’ve had a couple of months during 2017 to figure out how much we actually spend on average per month. From this I have put together a general budget to keep in mind (a more detailed post on this is coming). Now that 2018 has started me and Mr LIL are increasing our savings and working on keeping as close to the budget as we can. So January will be first month actually working towards a set budget and not just recording how the month turned out.

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