Low Impact engagement rings

Mr LIL chose to propose with one of my own rings that he borrowed so that we could pick out our rings together. I am sure if he had picked out a ring it would have been beautiful and something that I would love since he has very good taste. But that said I am thankful that he didn’t firstly since finding a ring that we loved together was such a fun experience. Secondly there are so many norms around engagement rings and that they need to be sooo expensive and the bigger/more diamonds the better. In my mind this is crazy since there are so many other things in life that I think that money is more well spent on than a jumble of raw materials that we humans have made up a value for. I am glad that we got the chance to pick together so that I could stomp on that norm (without Mr LIL having to decide by himself how much my frugality weighed against having a nice ring).

I had already decided that buying a second hand ring is the only way to go since there are so many beautiful rings around and buying a ring where you would have to dig up more of the earths resources totally goes against my low impact views. As it happens second hand rings are also cheaper! So that was a two birds with one stone solution. We found a beautiful 5 stone diamond white gold ring that was made in 1980 (I think it is pretty cool that I have a ring that is 10 years older than me!). And it was also very cheap (as far as engagement rings goes). I am so happy that we found a ring that suits me perfectly and is also aligned with my low impact and frugal values. Mr LILs ring is a white gold band that has been made from existing white gold so no new material needed to be dug up for his ring either.

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