Low Impact Life Series #4

The Low Impact Life series is a way to capture what it actually looks like to live a frugal low impact life. From my point of view it feels like it isn’t much different from living a “normal” life but I thought that it might be fun sharing aspects of my life that maybe stray somewhat from norm for inspiration and tips. So I will share a post every Saturday with short frugal or low impact tips that I do in my own life.

This week I wanted to bring up the frugality tip of dividing things into smaller parts. My example is the LIL wolfs dog treats that we buy (which already are the cheapest per gram of the high quality treats we buy for her) and then divide them into two. Since we love training her and working with positive reinforcement we use a lot of treats and the size that they come in are too big to give a whole one. So we divide the treats which means that they last twice as long! Everyone obviously doesn’t have a dog but I am certain that there are lots of other areas where you can implement this thinking by dividing up things or diluting them. For example we mix our washing up liquid with water and have it in a spray which leads us to use so much less.

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