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I have read a quite many books over the past months that are related to financial independence/frugality. They have given me more detail, insight and motivation to keep working towards our goal of financial independence. Here are some of my favourites, I especially enjoyed Early Retirement Extreme, Meet the Frugalwoods and The Art of Frugal Hedonism but all books where great in their own way. I would definitely recommend reading all of them since they all have a different approach/perspective on the why of frugality and financial independence.

Early Retirement Extreme, Jacob Lund Fisker

This was a great book that went in depth about how to build a strategy, how money works, how most of society acts concerning money and frugal tips all related to financial independence. It is considered “extreme” but I loved the detail of this book.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert T Kiyosaki

In this book the author dives into the thinking behond being poor and being rich. He is brought up by two dads (his own and his friends dad) that think very differently when it comes to money. He describes different strategies and mentalities on how to accumulate wealth. I also enjoyed this book a lot.

Total Money Makeover, Dave Ramsey

This is a great book if you have debt you need to pay off. Dave Ramsey is one of the household names in the financial independence world and his book didn’t dissapoint. He is very straight in his writing, no beating about the bush that debt is an emergency that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. He has great actionable content to get you back to zero from minus net worth and then continuing with the stages towards financial independence from there.

Your Money or Your Life, Vicki Robin

A fantastic book to get you thinking about what you want out of life. By suffering lifestyle inflation you are locking yourself into a long life of working. Which in truth is exchanging your limited time on this planet for money that you then spend on unessecary things. What would you rather have: stuff or time to do what you want? It also going into how to achieve financial independence and setting up a structure for saving.

Unshakeable: Your Guide to Financial Freedom & Money: Master the Game, Tony Robbins

I am a huge fan of Tony Robbins and have read lots of his other books which are more about behaviour, how to be successful and happy. I read these books a while ago since I was going through his books and I think it was this book that got me interested in investing in index funds and the possibility to become financially independent. He admits that he is no financial expert himself but the book is based on information that he collects through interviewing top performers in the financial world and lays out a guide how to master money.

Meet the Frugalwoods: Achieving Financial Independence Through Simple Living,  Elizabeth Willard Thames 

I loved Mrs Frugalwoods book! It was more a story of her and her husbands path to financial independence and moving to a homestead in Vermont that a step by step guide of the details which I really enjoyed. I also love her writing which is very personal and funny.

The Art of Frugal Hedonism: A Guide to Spending Less While Enjoying Everything More,  Annie Raser-Rowland & Adam Grubb

Another great book that I just finished this weekend. Packed with lots of ways to live a frugal but rich life that inspire to action. Also great thoughts about the world we live in where there is so much to enjoy (without spending lots of money) but where people are very unhappy and dissatisfied and of course how to live a more satisfied life with less.

The Simple Path to Wealth, J L Collins

This book it is very focused on the “how to” invest in index funds and the different retirement accounts in USA. I felt that after reading the other books and blogs that I have a pretty good grasp of why investing in index funds is great.  I also felt that since I don’t live in USA the book wasn’t that necessary for me but if I had read it early on I could imagine that there was a lot of good stuff.

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