Wedding dress

This weekend I tried on wedding dresses with my mum and bridesmaids, it was soooo much fun! I felt like a little girl trying on princess dresses! There are a gazillion beautiful dresses with different models and materials and it is really hard to decide what kind of dress I want all though I have quite a clear picture of what I don’t want! Don’t worry – I have only posted pictures of me in dresses with models I won’t wear to not ruin the suprise for my hubby to be.

Since starting our wedding planning I have realized that wedding industry is quite mad. I knew that before but being in the midst of it makes it hit you even more. There is so much money, time, perfectionism and emotions poured into to planning one day, ONE DAY! (or maybe three for the ambitious bride). I can feel myself at times being sucked in – 10 000kr isn’t too bad for a dress when you can buy them for 40 000kr! The problem is that since everything is so blown up comparing doesn’t get you anywhere. The value needs to lie instead in do I think a dress I will wear one day is worth 10 000kr? Is there anything else that 10 000kr could be spent on or saved for that is more alined with my longterm goals? How important is one day in the grand scheme of our marriage as a whole? I am buying things for Mr LIL and my experience or to impress everyone else? But that thinking is so boring in the world of weddings where “you only get married once” and “you are worth the best” is being thrown around constantly as an excuse to splurge beyond all reason. And you can’t see the dress by itself because the same mentality is connected to the ring, the shoes, the decorations, the food, photographer, the flowers, the loctaion and so on. All of these things add up and it is easy to loose sight of your original budget and thoughts in the presence of all the excess that the wedding industry provides. 

I can’t say I won’t buy an expensive dress in the end (well expensive for me so obviously not a 40 000kr dress which is just plain crazy) but I am trying to be somewhat analytical and not just emotional in the decisions I make. I do not want to loose sight of my original goal of having an amazing low impact and frugal wedding (frugal in the sense of only spending money on what gives us value and joy).

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