Home & Transport

If you have started to move towards minimalism the first question is: do you really need a large living space? If the dream has moved from a large house with lots of things to life of minimalism maybe you don’t need that extra room/storage/bathroom/garden? Maybe downsizing is an idea to think about? More money, lower energy consumption and less cleaning, not as many areas to “fill” with stuff, closer to family members.

Recycle what you can. There are varying possibilities to recycle depending on where you live. You can always try to talk to your housing association or the municipality if you don’t have access to all the different fractions. Through all the steps above you should be able to generate much less waste in general both normal and recycling. I have the opportunity to recycle everything: newspapers, paper, glass, metal, plastic, batteries, light bulbs and food waste so we throw away very little waste that just get combusted (maybe every other month). 
When talking transport everyone has very different opportunities depending on where you work and live. If you have a long way to work I am just throwing out the question: maybe you should move/switch jobs to be closer? This saves time, money and the environment so just think about it. There are of course pros and cons for all modes of transportation but my number one tip is if you have 5 km or shorter to your destination BIKE as often as you can.

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