Homesteading thoughts

We were at a spa in Norrtälje (north of Stockholm) this weekend with Mr LILs family. It was his parents very generous Christmas present to us. It is towards Norrtälje that we are looking for potential homestead locations so the drive back among the wintery fields and woods bathed in sun was very moving. It was so beautiful and I really felt deep in my soul that it’s in this landscape I want to exist. The grey, paved, noisy, crowded and polluted city (that of course has its perks and upsides) is not for me. I long for the woods, quiet, fresh air, to be able to see the stars, to be close to nature and the elements.

The ratio city:nature we have in our life at the moment isn’t right for me. It isn’t enough to live in the city and visit the forest for an hour or two once or twice per weekend. I want it to be the other way around, to live in the forest and visit the city now and again. This is what we are working towards. The first step to start changing the ratio is moving from the city to our tiny house in the suburbs where we will be able to just step outside into the garden. Eventhough we live close to a small park because we live on the fifth floor there is too much of a barrier to go outside as much as I would want. We have a small balcony but unfortunately we use it infrequently since it is usually too hot to sit there during the day when it’s sunny and then too cool in the evening when we don’t have sun. It was a great place for our sun loving tomatoes though! So being able to just have the doors open and be able to sit on the deck or to potter around the garden this summer will be amazing!

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