Kitchen & Food

The kitchen is a very plastic intensive space. Our food comes into contact with food from packaging, preparing, cooking and storing. I had an amazing amount of plastic in my kitchen that I wanted to minimize. In my case I chose to make an investment in switching most of the plastic to wood, metal and glass. There are also a lot of single use products in the kitchen that can be swapped for reusable items. To also always bring a water bottle, utensils, a snack and other items you need will reduce your use of single use plastics when out and about. 

The environmental cost from what we eat has been a sensitive subject which has been tiptoed around up till now. No one wants to poke the bear that is the agriculture and food industries strong lobbyist organisations. At the same time it is by far the biggest opportunity of living more sustainably. Food production is the leading cause of environmental degradation and 51% of all greenhouse emissions are connected to food production.

Outside of the impact on the environment and the climate it is animal cruelty on a global scale. We are so disconnected from how the food ends up on our plate. That piece of meat has passed through an awful industrialised process before ending up on your plate. Check out WWF:s meat guide to make more informed choices. The most amazing thing is that through reducing your intake of meat you can directly affect your share of emissions, water consumption and animal cruelty without political decisions, that it is expensive or time consuming. This is the choice that will have by far the largest impact and YOU CAN DO IT TODAY!

Food waste is also a huge issue. We throw away one third of the food produced. That’s 1,3 billion tonnes every year that is wasted. This food could feed 1 billion people. This quote is from Selina Juul who is working towards reducing food waste in Denmark:

It’s disrespectful. So food waste is basically also the lack of respect for our nature, for our society, for the people that produce the food, the animals and the lack of respect for your time and money because you throw the food away that you have been buying.

We have started growing some of our own food to minimize the impact of the food that we eat. We also have a bokashi compost so that the food waste that we have can go back into the soil.

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