1 month of buying nothing new update

Since I started the buy nothing year on September 12th (although I didn’t start the frugal month of my happiness project until the 1st of October) I thought that I would give an update on how things have gone so far.

I’m glad to say that I have bought zero things this first month! (Well except for toothpaste but that’s counted into the allowed to buy basic hygiene products category).

What I noticed was the impulse of buying things is quite strong. It takes a fair amount of will power to move on when confronted with something you want (which usually you very rarely actually need…). In those cases where I can’t immediately brush it off I have incorporated the 72 hour rule. What you do it that you write down the thing on a list and go back and reevaluate after 72 hours. By that time you usually don’t even remember the thing or why you wanted it in the first place.

After resisting a couple of times I feel like my habit of buying nothing is getting stronger. It becomes more of a natural state and not so much effort. So unless something breaks I don’t see a scenario that would put me off course. And if something breaks I will have to do without or look into buying it second hand.

Also stopping the first impulse to buy makes you think if you already have something that can fulfill the same need. For example now that it’s getting colder I was thinking that a pair of Uggs type shoes would be great to have when I just pop down to walk Lilly in the evenings. Then I reigned myself in and thought about the base objection with the purchase: toasty feet. Maybe I already had something that could work? I dug out my ridiculous fluffy socks that I use in winter time and now wear them in my rain boots when taking Lilly out. Problem solved!

A full update on the frugal month will be posted at the end of October đŸ™‚


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