6 month update on my goal of buying nothing new

Is has almost been 6 months since I started my year of buy nothing new in September so I thought that I’d give you an update on my progress so far.

I have to start by saying that things have been going great! I wrote in my one month update that I was experiencing some knee jerk reactions when it came to wanting to buy things as soon as I thought about a need/want. This has as I hoped stopped (YAY!). Instead my first reaction is to think do I really need it? And then if the answer is yes I start looking on Blocket (a second hand website in Sweden). Since the exact thing that you are looking for isn’t usually on there immediately I get some more time to think over if I do really need it.

Me and Mr LIL have a new interest in growing our own food so we have bought some things connected to that: a shelf, greenhouses, lights, pots and a bokashi (indoor compost). Since it’s the middle of winter we knew it would be hard to get gardening related stuff second hand so we ended up buying most of the things new but with the intention that we will be able to use them for a long time.

The only other thing that I have bought new is a pair of ski gloves. When skiing in Norway I noticed that mine were really bad and didn’t keep the warmth in at all. They are 10 years old so I feel like they have lived a long life. I tried getting gloves on Blocket but people tend to only sell children’s gloves unfortunately. But I found a good quality pair that will hopefully last me many more seasons that were on 50% sale so that feels good.

It is so freeing to disconnect the thought of wanting something and the action of buying it. I feel as though I am not as caught up in our consumer society as I was before starting my challenge. I enjoy having to really engage my brain in analyzing and problem solving instead of taking the short term easy way out and just buying it. I.e. I have to think about do I really need it? Is it worth postponing my savings goal for it? Do I already have something that can work? Can I borrow it from someone? Can I find it second hand?

I am amazed by the mental peace that going trough life with less and learning not to put so much energy, time and money into our things gives. It is way more fulfilling than the quick pleasure spike that a new purchase gives. I have quite a way to go yet but just from these 6 months I feel that I have made huge progress that also alines with my values of living a Low Impact Life.


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