A buffer for the unexpected

I have written a previous post describing the importance of an emergency fund. This past month proves again how important it is to have a buffer since it’s been a month of both emergencies and unforseen but totally predicatable “emergencies”. The month started off with half our pay since we got unpayed leave for our honeymoon the month before. So even before expenses we were starting from a weaker financial position than usual.

First off a real emergency hit us when the LIL wolf ate rat poison at my aunts house (she won’t have any lasting damage!). We had to go to the animal hospital in Uppsala (50min drive one way from Stockholm) because they couldn’t recieve us in the two animal hospitals in Stockholm due to staff shortages… Thankfully we knew what poison it was and caught it straight away so she got an injection to throw up and some active charcoal so minimize the effects. We then had go back to Uppsala two days later for a blood test and got vitamin K which is an antidote to rat poison. Since then we’ve been to the vets in Uppsala two more times for blood tests. This has of course cost us a lot of money both in veterinary costs (around 10 000kr) and fuel (4 round trips a la 1h 40 min). We will of course get a lot of the money back from our insurance company but we had to pay out of pocket when we were there. The LIL wolf hasn’t been cleared yet and is eating another round of vitamin K and we will need to go back for yet another blood test in 1,5 weeks but since we caught it early she hasn’t gotten any of the severe effects that rat poison induces.

We also had our car serviced and it needed some work done which left us another 10 000kr poorer… Also I needed to go to the dentist to figure out why I was experiencing tooth sensitivity. My phone broke so I had to buy a new phone. I found a second hand 2018 Sony phone (barely used) off blocket for 1000kr which was very inexpensive for a new phone.

These cost coupled with lower pay would have put us in a very stressful financial position if we didn’t have the emergency fund. But instead we had no problem with paying our montly bills and shopping for food as normal. Other than feeling that a lot of money was coming out of our bank accounts it didn’t affect us which is such a great position to be in. I can’t stress it enough that an emergency fund is literally worth gold!

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