A relaxing summer day

Though I’m still working I have been taking it very easy to recover from this intensive spring. Yesterday was a really great day where I was present and focus was on the small things in life! I started by walking up at 6.30 and making a smoothie of coconut milk and blueberries that I have picked. I then put on my exercise clothes and took the LIL wolf for a morning run in the forest. It was already warm and we have just started this new routine so today run was 2km. I’m hoping that we can train so that the LIL wolf can start running with me and Mr LIL.

We ended the run with a morning swim! It was lovely and we were completely alone on the Island. The water was refreshing and it was so calm. I sat in the water a while just enjoying the moment.

When I got back I made eggs for breakfast and then worked until lunch. After I had lunch I went out into the forest to pick more blueberries. The forest is still full of them. All except for a small snack went into the freezer.

I had my blueberry snack in the sun while the LIL wolf took a nap.

When Mr LIL got home we relaxed in the sun for a while before continuing our project of insulating our shed.

We had grilled hamburgers for dinner and then continued working for a while. When we felt finished for the day we packed up and watched a movie while eating home made gluten free blueberry pie!

It is days like this that make me unbelievably happy. There wasn’t one particular big amazing event, just lots of small things that make up a great day. It is also nice that most of the day didn’t cost anything (except for the building materials and food). I had the feeling that if our life can be filled with these small things connected to nature and each other and I would be so content.

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