Apartment life

It is a very weird feeling to have your life trajectory change course so abruptly as ours did. Instead of moving to a house, having a garden and saving lots of money this spring we are back where we started before the tiny house idea hit us. When we felt like we wanted more than this apartment. We have spent a lot of time the past couple of months working on the house or being tired becuase we’ve worked on the house. Now we’re back to the “easy” life of apartment living. We have to get used to a normal life again – go to work, walk the LIL wolf, cook, watch series and hang out with friends.

Mr LIL and I will have to figure out a new trajectory for us moving forward. We already have an idea of what it will look like but we are going to give ourselves some time to just be in our normal life.

I have in the past couple of days started to get used to the thought of us being in the apartment for longer than we thought. This has sparked a new appreciation for the apartment and all the good things with apartment life. It’s close to work, grocery stores and friends, I get to walk the LIL wolf to doggy daycare every morning, we have space, it’s a really nice apartment and not much work connected to living here. Since we’ve had some time we have also started taking care of it more and making it feel like a nice place to live and not a crazy mess. It’s not what we want long term but for now it suits our life very well. We’ll have to see when we start moving towards our next step but we have given ourselves a breather until after the wedding at least.

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