Apple season is here

Now that the blueberries have dried out it is time for apples to take their place! We have a park just down the hill from where we live with lots of different really old apple trees. Since it is a municipal park we can pick apples to our hearts desire. It feels great to eat something with zero waste and that hasn’t been transported anywhere.

This year we’re just trying to figure out what apples are nice and when they are ripe so we have been sampling a lot. We have found our 5 different favorite trees now so we only pick from them.

Since we eat seasonally this is the time if year that we get to eat apples so we are eating apples every day at the moment and making apple pies as soon as we have guests.

I’m also making apple chips that are a big favorite and keep a long time. I just core the apples and cut them into thin slices and then pop them in the oven on 80 degrees for a couple of hours. It’s a perfect zero waste snack!

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