Baby things for little LIL

There are some things you need for a baby and an amazing amount of things that are marketed as needs for a baby. My plan is to get everything we can either by borrowing or buying second hand. It is such a waste to buy things for babies new when there are soooo many things circling on the second hand market. Me and Mr LIL don’t care about having the latest models so for us it doesn’t matter that the things we get are a couple of years old, and little J most certainly won’t mind. We have bought (second hand) a lot of things but if it turns out they were unnecessary or little LIL doesn’t like them we’ll just sell them.

So far I have gotten my most of my pregnancy clothes (jeans, leggings, three t-shirts, two tops and three dresses) second hand from the website Sellpy. Although I have bought one pair of jeans, exercise pants and two nursing bras new. The jeans were an unnecessary purchase because I wanted a pair of trousers that fit comfortably and I was close to the store so I just bought them. I could have just tried on the size and then bought them second hand but I had a weak moment. I have had a hard time finding exercise pants second hand so that is why I bought them new. The nursing bras explain themselves. After that I have bought the rest second hand. I am hoping that these base items plus my normal wardrobe will be enough.

Me and Mr LIL have bought most of little LILs things already and every single thing is second hand! I got some energy now that I am only working 75% to keep an eye out on Blocket and Facebook marketplace and went with it. There is so much stuff that I could buy most things within a 5km radius which was great. That meant that we could go on one drive and pick up lots of things at the same time.

We got a pram in great condition with lots of accessories for 4000kr instead of 17 500kr if we would have bought it new with all the accessories

I did a very interesting exercise to compare the cost of what we have bought to what it would have cost if we bought it new. So far we have payed 9500kr for things for little LIL and the budget I have set is 15 000kr so it definately feels like we should come in under 15 000kr when we have got the last things. What’s left is a crib and a baby monitor (plus diapers, wetwipes and other things like that). The price for all of this new is a whopping 36 000kr!! So we have payed around a fourth of the cost compared to if we bought everything new and we have done a good environmental choice too!

Here are some of the things that we have bought, all second hand!

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