Capsule wardrobe

Most of my life I have been a hoarder and a “just in case” person. I can’t trow that away! What if I need it in x, y and z unlikely scenario? When I moved back home from university I went through the process of removing all the excess clothing that I had and started my journey towards a minimalistic lifestyle.

I found the term capsule wardrobe on the blog Unfancy and got inspired. A capsule wardrobe according to Unfancy is a mini wardrobe with 37 items of clothing that you love and switch according to seasons. Trousers, tops, dresses, skirts, shoes and jackets are included (not exercise/lounge wear, underwear, swim clothes or pyjamas).

In my first run through of my closet I got part of the way. I still probably had around 60-70 items instead of 37. I am still trying to work my way down to a capsule wardrobe through not buying any new clothes and selling, giving away or recycling clothes that I don’t use or that I have used up. Every now and again I go through the process detailed below to see if there are any clothes lurking in a corner that I don’t use.

Here are the steps if you want to start your own capsule wardrobe or if you need to go through your clothes again:

STEP 1: Clear out your wardrobe

It is easiest to empty your closet completely and lay all your clothes on the bed. This way you have to evaluate every item.

STEP 2: Go through all the clothes

Sort all of your clothes into four categories:

  1. LOVE IT – hang it back in your wardrobe
  2. Maybe – give away or recycle. If you have a hard time letting go you can save these in a box to see if you miss them
  3. No – give away/recycle
  4. Wrong season – save for the right season and evaluate then

STEP 3. Review

Go through all your LOVE IT clothes and have 37 or some other number in mind. Remove if too many or see if you have to add something. It can be a good idea to write a list of how many of each item you want.

STEP 4. Wear the clothes for one season (3 months)

STEP 5. Plan for next season

Go through the next seasons clothes to see if you need to remove/add something.

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