Challenge: 10 item wardrobe

Last month I started with an easy challenge of taking photos of my plastic just so that I could actually see how much plastic we were throwing away. This month I found a challenge that is a bit harder but will be very interesting to try: wearing 10 items of clothing for the next two weeks. I am hoping that it will open my eyes even more to that fact that we don’t need that many clothes. The rules I set for myself are:

  • my comfy clothes I wear at home and exercise clothes don’t count
  • jackets, shoes and bags don’t count
  • I can use black or white basic tops to match the clothes I’ve chosen

Here is the list of clothes I chose for my two weeks:

  1. blue jeans
  2. black slacks
  3. blue shorts
  4. orange dress
  5. black suit jacket
  6. blue patterned dress
  7. blue pull over
  8. light blue shirt
  9. beige cardigan
  10. long black skirt

You might have noticed that I like black and blue! So since yesterday these are the clothes that I can wear for the next two weeks.

2 thoughts on “Challenge: 10 item wardrobe”

  1. Cool challenge! Something to try. In my household we try to get rid of clothes from time to time but it is hard because “you might need it sometime”.
    This type of challenges for sure bring some clarity to what you really need! Good idea 🙂

    1. I know! I ususally try to go through my clothes after every season and think about which clothes I actually used. It is easy to just store clothes that you think that you will use at X event and then actually never use them (it is usually connected that they were expensive to buy). I have a post on my insights of the challenge coming out on tuesday so you can check out what I thought then 🙂

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