Changes to our ski trip

We booked a ski trip to the north of Italy a long time ago which we should have departed to two weeks ago. In the light of the corona virus outbreak it no longer felt like a good idea when we we’re going to leave. At that point Italy didn’t have that many cases and we were discussing a lot if we should go or not. Finally on the Wednesday before we decided to not go. At that point all recomendations from different government bodies in Sweden told us that it was still okay to go and then to come to work as normal if we’re feel fine when we come back. But for us it feelt like a bad idea and the thought of going back to work straight after and increasing the risk for our colleagues just so we could go on holiday didn’t feel right.

So we booked a house in Åre in Sweden instead. Good thing too since the Swedish government decided to recommend avoiding all unnecessary travel the Friday before we were meant to leave on the Saturday.

We had a great time and great weather with a mixure of sun and snow so that we got amazing powder to ski in! It wasn’t the trip we thought we were going to get but we’re so glad we got to ski! It would have been so sad otherwise since we had been looking forward to snow and skiing all “winter” in Stockholm. Some pictures from the week:

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