Christmas time craziness

Christmas is approaching fast and with it extreme consumerism, stress, overeating and never ending Christmas songs everywhere that slowly turn you crazy… Buying so much stuff in the form of decorations and presents for just one holiday is quite insane in my eyes. Also just the fact that all presents are wrapped in wrapping paper that is used once, torn apart and then discarded is so unbelievably wasteful. Instead of being a relaxed holiday to spend time with your family and eat good food the stress of Christmas shopping, “having to get everything ready” and the gift giving part is taking over. And then come the sales between Christmas and New Years which draw you into buying even more stuff!

This Christmas I want to move away completely from the concept of showing love and affection through buying things. Me and Mr LIL have decided that we are skipping all physical presents. Making sure people close to us know is of course vital for this to work so I have told my family members that I would rather have experiences which is more fun than things anyways! Letting go of the concept of giving physical gifts is quite hard since the norm is to give physical gifts for all occasions like birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, dinners, valentines day and so on. I think that especially Mr LIL had a hard time wrapping his head around that I REALLY don’t want anything (not just that I say I don’t want anything and then secretly expect him to buy me something).

Except for Christmas I also have my birthday coming up (I turn 27 on the 27th of December) and our three year anniversary is tomorrow so this season really could be presents galore so it feels very good to take a step back from all that.  Me and Mr. LIL are going to Centralbadet, a relax pool and spa, and having dinner there (one of our exceptions to the no eating out resolution 🙂 ) instead of giving each other something for our anniversary.

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