Enjoying the light and jigsaw puzzles

There have been so many amazing sunrises these past two weeks. At the moment the sunrise coincides with with my morning walk with the LIL wolf at seven. Soon it will be dark when we take our walks becuase it is getting light 36 minutes later every week. I am enjoying the light as much as I can since I know we will be seeing less and less of it in the months to come.

Other than working, being tired because of a cold and walking with the LIL wolf I have been laying jigsaw puzzles like crazy. I borrow or buy them second hand because I think it is such a waste to buy new puzzles since you only lay a puzzle once. I don’t mind if they end up missing a piece or two. So far this autumn I have layed three puzzles, two borrowed ones and one bought from the online second hand shop Sellpy. I like layig puzzles because you see progress and it’s just engaging enough that you don’t have to think about much else and you can focus on a task when you’re tired after work. I usually lay puzzles with 1000 pieces because then you get just enough progress to not get too frustrated. I have been listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks at the same time which is very fun. I usually listen to them every couple of years or so since they are my favorite books of all time. Puzzles and Harry Potter are a perfect combo.

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