Extreme Frugality

The first theme of my happiness project is frugality. Me and Mr. LIL don’t spend that much money in general (me since I started the low impact life journey and Mr. LIL since well I guess forever) and now that we have got all the furniture for our apartment and all the things that we needed for the LIL wolf we feel like we’re back in our money saving ways. But reading blogs about frugality – mostly Mr. Money Mustache and Frugalwoods, has opened my eyes to slimming down our expenses even more. Since we’re not big spenders the steps should not be as extreme as if we had to for example cut clothes budgets from thousands of kroner down to nothing. Now it’s just moving from practically not buying any clothes to definately not buying clothes. Not such a big step. This year I am going to way out on the frugality ledge and see how that goes.

Extreme frugality resolutions

I’ve reseached lots of different ways to save money and decided upon these five areas to set up resolutions:

  • Buy nothing new. You can read more about this goal here.
  • Biking more. To motivate me to do this I have stopped getting a monthly public transport card and instead have a card that I pay for each trip. Knowing that I’m spending 30kr to go on the bus a couple of stops hurts more than having payed for it already and motivates me to just take the bike.
  • Not eating out. Good bye restaurants and take out (although if someone is nice and treats me to dinner I wont say no of course). I’m thinking that our 3 year anniversary and birthdays might be an exception to the rule. Also when we’re going on long weekend to London I will of course eat out (although we’re living in a house so we can make breakfast ourselves).
  • Optimizing food shopping. Since we have to eat food and will not compromise on high quality food I’m drawing up an excel document with comparisions of the price of all our usual food products at different stores to figure out where it is cheapest to shop.
  • Get a library card. Since I read A LOT and mostly buy books on my kindle there is some saving potential here. So I got a library card last week. I’m setting up a default setting of seeing if the book I want to read is available at the library first.

Since I’m also combining frugality with my other theme relationships I’m going to have to think of activities that are free or cheap at least to do. I’m seeing lots of dinners, movie and game nights at home and long walks in nature with the LIL wolf in the near future. Which is what I enjoy doing anyways!

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