Financial update #9

We have been living on one salary for six months now and so far it has worked really well! Mr LIL has also gotten a raise which has given us some more wiggle room.

A huge positive impact on our net worth is that our house has been evaluated and has increases in value with almost 2,8 million kronor which is insane since we’ve only been living here for 1,5 years. This means that the percentage of our loan vs what we own is a lot less than it was before. Its not an exact science since it depends what we end up selling the house for in the future but it has gone from the loan being around 60% of the value to around 40% which is amazing. This means that we can keep paying the house off at a low rate and not be too worried.

Our money making machine has been going up and down a bit more than usial since we haven’t been putting more money in and the market has been a bit shaky but now it has started to increase again.

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